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A New Animated Short and the Possibility of Season 6!

Posted by GB on February 17, 2012 at 9:10 PM

We have lots of Titans news concerning the animated shorts and a possible 6th season!

1. On February 15, IGN showed us an exclusive clip of the next Teen Titans animated short, which will air on DC Nation after the block premieres on Cartoon Network (Sat. March 3, 10EST/9CST AM). All of the Titans' voice actors have returned for this series, which is titled New Teen Titans. Control Freak's voice actor also reprised his role as the couch potato villain!

This is the second animated short. The first episode already aired in November 2011. You can watch it here


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2. Teen Titans has been parodied twice so far on the Cartoon Network show MAD! The first skit, titled Dolphineas and Ferb Tale, featured only Cyborg. The second, an ad parody titled Teen Titanic, featured all of the Titans and some Young Justice characters too.

3. This isn't exactly new news, but many of you may know that back in November, Tara Strong (voice of Raven) uploaded new photos of her and the Titans cast, together again and in the studio! You can see the photos here, here and here.

4. There's definitely a possibilty that the Titans will return with full episodes! On Twitter, Tara answered fan questions related to the show. When asked why Titans animated shorts are suddenly being made, she replied, "To see if y'all still have love for the Titans, of course!" Another fan asked if making animated shorts would mean there was a possibility of getting another season, and Tara's reply was "Yes!" She also encouraged the fans to let Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers know that we want the Titans to come back with full episodes!

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