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When there's trouble, you know who to call.

Car Trouble

Season: 1
Air date:
November 11, 2003


Scott Menville - Robin
Tara Strong - Raven
Greg Cipes - Beast Boy
Khary Payton - Cyborg
Hynden Walch - Starfire
James Arnold Taylor - Cash, Overload
Matt Levin - Sammy
Lauren Tom - Gizmo


Director(s) - Alex Soto
Storyboarder(s) - Christopher Berkeley, Dave Bullock, John Fang, Irineo Maramba, Kirk Van Wormer
Writer(s) - Amy Wolfram


Summary: Cyborg has finished creating his "baby"—a car that is totally in-tune with him. While taking the Titans out for a first drive, they catch Overload committing a crime. Two losers—Sammy and Cash—take the opportunity to drive off with Cyborg's baby, leaving him searching all over the city for it.


  • This episode was the eleventh produced but was the last to air in season one.
  • First appearance of Overload.
  • Overload never appeared in the original comics. He was created for the show, just like Cinderblock and Mumbo.
  • We learn that Raven basically possesses anything she manipulates with her powers.
  • The names "Sammy" and "Cash" are references to producer Sam Register (think cash register).
  • When Cyborg found out Gizmo had his car, he said, "T-Car's probably halfway to Metropolis by now." Metropolis is Superman's city.
  • The reference to Metropolis was also a reference to Batman Forever, when Batman said to Robin, "The circus must be halfway to Metropolis now."
  • Producer and story editor David Slack spoke on Sammy and Cash: “Yeah, sometimes it’s easier to pull a name than to make up one. So the show is always full of the names of people that work on the show. It’s fun. The two teens in "Car Trouble"Sammy and Cashare actually both nicknames for Sam Register. Sammy for his first name, and Cash for his last name. We had the voice actor do something Sam does….When he greets you he’ll go, 'Aaayyy!' So if you watch 'Car Trouble', you’ll see both Sammy and Cash do that."

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